How to Make New Year’s Resolutions and Keep Them

How to Make New Year’s Resolutions and Keep Them

It’s that time of year again and although some people don’t subscribe to making New Year’s resolutions, others thrive during this time. It means the start of a New Year, a new you. When making New Year’s resolutions, or any types of goals there are a few things to keep in mind. Here’s how to make New Year’s resolutions and keep them.

  1. Keep it simple. When making resolutions, want to keep them relatively small or simple. This is because if they are too complicated, you are setting yourself up for failure. Most New Year’s resolutions have to do with self-improvement. This means that when you bite off more than you can chew, you will be setting yourself up for disappointment or guilt.  When working on self-improvement types of goals, you want to make it simple and small so you can achieve them.
  2. Be thoughtful about what you choose. Ensure that your New Year’s resolutions are relevant to your lifestyle and well-being. Evaluate the ways these new changes will fit into your life. What will impact your health, happiness, and purpose in life? Whether you want to join a new hobby, go to the gym, or quit smoking, remember how it relates to the goodness in your life but also remember rule number 1. Then, see rule number 3.
  3. Make it as true-to-life as possible. When you are considering these types of goals for New Year’s resolutions such as joining a new hobby, going to the gym, or quitting smoking- don’t ignore what problems you might run into. For example, what got in your way when you tried this in the past? Make goals and resolutions realistic. This is an important part of feeling motivated instead of discouraged.
  4. Break it down. Make the resolutions, into action-oriented steps. When you create any type of goal, you want to simplify it into action-oriented steps. Then, visualize them. Not only that but by making action-oriented steps, you break the resolution down into smaller steps that are more attainable. For example, if you choose to join a new hobby, start with a search, pick three options that work with your schedule, research the best fit, then join. This is a simple, yet thoughtful series of steps that you can incorporate into your life.
  5. Set a time-frame. When you are making any resolution, you want to set a time-frame around it so you don’t let the goal linger. When it lingers and there is no time-frame around it, you set yourself up for procrastination. When you are serious about making goals and resolutions you want to use manage it with time. Perhaps you use your phone calendar to set reminders or make a point to complete a step by the end of the day or week. Ultimately, you want to follow through that day, week or month before it is too late. Check it off and keep track. Time is a motivator. It helps you feel accomplished when you meet a goal in a certain time-frame.
  6. Tell others. By telling others or confiding in friends or family, you set yourself up for accountability. Accountability can help be successful with your resolutions. Others can check in with you and share the experience with you. They can offer you support. Support can feel good, especially if your supporters are trusted and positive people.
  7. Treat yourself. Anytime you meet a step in your resolution, give yourself a small reward. Even if you praise yourself out loud or give yourself a pat on the back, you are reinforcing a reward to a new you!
  8. Don’t give up. Try to keep going. It is normal to fail at times. In fact, the only successful people are the ones who have met failure before. Take notes as to what is holding you back and try to rectify those mistakes. Stay away from excuses. Draw on your strengths and think positively. When in the past have you made certain accomplishments?  It feels good to remember even the small accomplishments you have made. It is a true test of self to keep going but giving up just worsens your self-esteem. So, keep going and don’t give up!
  9. You are in control. Make sure you remind yourself of the inner power you have. If you are someone who blames others or makes excuses then you relinquish your control. Empower yourself! You can overcome the fear that comes along with making new goals. You would not have made them if you were not curious and excited about what was on the other side.

Now that you know more about how to make New Year’s resolutions and keep them, you are on your way to a happier, healthier you.

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