Change Mindset: 8 Phrases to Change in Life

How you have raised impacts your mindset. The messages you are taught growing up lead you to operate from a certain compass.
Are you the type of person that has a fixed-mindset or a growth-mindset? If you don’t know the difference I’d like to share with you ways to change your mindset.
The following 8 statements might lead you to feel confused, guilty or shameful. Let’s see how you can say them to yourself in a different way.

Change Mindset “I Don’t Understand”:

Instead of feeling a negative emotion as associated with the statement, perhaps you can be investigative. Ask yourself, “what am I missing?“ Encourage yourself to look for the answers.

“I Give Up” :

You need to Change this Mindset. Giving up makes us feel self-defeated. When you say the phrase, “I give up,“ you give yourself permission to stop working at something. Instead ask yourself, “what strategies have I learned that I can use right now?“ Then, implement those strategies. Encourage yourself to trust yourself and keep going.

“I Made a Mistake” Mindset:

Everybody makes mistakes in life. In fact, mistakes are what we learn from. If you can look at mistakes as opportunities to learn from then you have a growth mindset.

“This is Too Hard” Mindset:

Life is not easy. In fact, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. If you think to yourself, “this is too hard,” look at other times in your life where you had to put effort into something. Didn’t it feel good to accomplish the task you put the effort into?
Life encourages you to put forth work and effort. If it’s easy, I would be speculative. At times, easy can be too good to be true.

Change Mindset “It’s Not Good Enough”:

If you have driving motivation to put forth your best work, that’s a noteworthy character trait. Hard work can pay off.
Don’t let this statement, “it’s not good enough“ be confused with, “I’m not good enough“. Try not to personalize this statement.

“I Can’t Make This Any Better” Mindset:

If you are coming from a place of being solutions-focused, then you can make something better. You might have to be creative, but chances are, there is a way to improve it. Your effort and your attitude determine your abilities. Change this Mindset otherwise, it can ruin your life. You can keep trying. You choose.

“I’ll Never Be as Smart as Him/Her/They” Mindset:

This is a statement where you are personalizing the information. Are you able to detach and remain objective? Can you be happy to learn from the successes of others? When you compare yourself to others, you lose sight of your own accomplishments, big or small. By focusing on others and comparing yourself, you are depleting your self-esteem.

Change Mindset “I’m Not Good Enough” :

You can learn anything you want. Are you willing to keep trying? If you are personalizing this statement of “not being good enough” then you are losing sight of the capacity to keep trying. In fact, you might be on the right track, but not giving yourself time to become what you have in mind. Say to yourself, “I am enough.”

I Can’t…x, y, z. (fill in the blank)Change mindset: Instead of saying, “I can’t”, try saying, “I can.” You can learn anything you want. You can train your brain. That is what is so beautiful about the human mind. With putting new practices into place or forming new habits you can learn anything you want.
Try to stay positive because if you think you can’t, you can’t. If you think your capabilities are all that you are born with then you remain stagnant.
If you think feedback and criticism are things to take personally then you have limitations. Some people don’t like to be challenged. Some people stick with what they know.
You can transition from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. With these phrases, as shown above, you can take the next steps towards a change-mindset.

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Change Mindset FAQ

How can I Change my Mindset?

1. First of all,Identify and understand what you want to change. Have clear goal in mind that you want to achieve.
2. Look for a role model that resonates with your mind or someone who has achieved same type of goals that you want to.
3. List down the things that you want to change about yourself.
4. Choose the right people that are within your circle and with the same mindset that you are.
5. Have a firm belief that you are able to change yourself.

How to Change Mindset about food?

1. Inspect what is good for you and what’s not.
2. Understand what nutrients you are missing in your body.
3. Learn about foods that help nuture your mind.
4. Healthy body has a Healthy Mind.
5. Workout, Workout helps your food to be digested easily and get the nutrients absorbed properly.

How do I mentally prepeare myself to lose weight?

1. Losing weight shouldn’t be your goal but it should be the result of your changing mindset about losing weight.
2. Check your diet, check your intake calories.
3. Set goals in a time frame.
4. Change your mind, when you think positive you will feel positive about yourself.
5. Setup a routine for workout.

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