Ways to Help When Your Diagnosis is ADHD

25 Ways to Help When Your Diagnosis is ADHD

You might be an adult who struggles with ADHD or ADD. You might be facing a time when no one will give you ADHD medications, due to the large number of adults who are abusing them at this time. It is a leading epidemic right along with the opioid problem in this country. Psychiatrists are buckling down. In this way, you might be feeling confused, unhealthy and less happy. Perhaps you have no one to turn to except a counselor and non-medication ways to handle your adult ADD/ADHD. Let’s talk about ways to get creative. Even if you are not someone struggling with adult ADD/ADHD, you might need some direction on time management, healthy nutrition, and fitness. Here are some new ways to organize your life.

When Your Watch Wishes You Had Better Time Management Skills

Time management can be a daunting idea. By definition, it is the controlled and conscious effort to be planning and implementing specific exercises that increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. When you are working on your time management you will want to try to adhere to implementing new strategies. You can think of these new strategies and small or short goals throughout the day. Try these 5 steps to harness better time-management:

  1. Goal-making: By making and keeping short and medium-term goals you are working a major step in improving your time management. Each of these types of goals should be: simple, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely so you can achieve your goals and not set yourself up for failure.
  2. Schedules: Making schedules or checklists throughout the day is another method for managing your time. By scheduling important meetings or tasks at hand you are setting aside organized time to spend with people or managing a specific task. If you are more energetic throughout the first part of the day, perhaps you want to keep that in mind when creating a schedule.
  3. Prioritizing: Keeping a schedule is an important thing to do but prioritizing that schedule is also important. You will want to figure out which are the most important tasks you want to tackle first in order first in terms of timing. Not that you have to get everything done in one day (and don’t expect to) but try to organize your tasks according to priority. Look at the list you make for the day ON THAT DAY.
  4. Resting: Don’t forget to take the time to rest. You might even want to schedule that in and make it a priority. Resting is an important part of avoiding burnout. When you burn out from doing multiple tasks, you are managing your time poorly. Working through lunches or skipping breaks might seem to make your product better but it could be working against your effectiveness.
  5. Delegating: Whenever appropriate, take initiative to delegate or give others tasks. There is a lot to be said about prioritizing and figuring out where you can give other people some tasks. For example, if you prefer to hire a cleaning person because you own your own business, that might be a fee worth paying for. Or by not hiring an assistant, you might find that you are over-working and your effectiveness is lacking. As a result, your productivity might be decreasing as well.

These time-management strategies can help you in the long-run. Initially, they might seem difficult to implement but eventually, you will get the hang of it. Once you practice them and start perfecting them, you will see that you can be more productive, more efficient and more effective.

Healthy Nutrition Made Easy- No Excuses

Grocery Stores now deliver food after ordering online. It is worth checking out your local grocer to see if they do online ordering and delivery. If you are interested in more options, check out these online-based companies who deliver fully prepped meals.

  1. Home Chef- they have affordable meal options per 2, 4 or 6 servings and can be ready in 30 minutes
  2. Sun Basket- classic and family plans for up to 4 people with organic and simple ingredients
  3. Hello Fresh 6-step, 30-minute recipes, available for gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and nut-free lovers
  4. Plated- has meals with quality ingredients for 2-4 people; varies with 20 different meal options each week
  5. Martha and Marley Spoon- has meals with quality ingredients for 2-4 people; varies with new and different meal options each week; easy weeknight cooking
  6. Green Chef- GMO, gluten-free, USDA sustainable foods, 7 meal plan options, and eco-friendly disposable options
  7. Balance – includes diabetic, gluten-free and vegetarian options created by world-class chefs
  8. Freshly- meals are ready in three minutes and can before 4, 6, 9, 12 people; all-natural, no added sugars, gluten-free, and peanut-free

Oldies but goodies include Macrobiotic cookbooks, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. If you don’t have money, consider the macrobiotic way of life; it is very cost-effective and the healthiest option out there.

Supplements can help elevate your brain-power also.

  1. Vitamin D- these levels decrease for individuals in the wintertime. It adds to our happiness levels and keeps us on track throughout the seasonal changes. It can also help hyperactivity, attention and other behavioral issues.
  2. Fish Oil or Omega 3’s including flax seeds-used to help prevent depressive symptoms, this supplement is imperative. Being low in this nutrient has been linked to ADHD diagnoses. It can lead to improved mental skills and myelination of our brain cells.
  3. Magnesium- healthy levels of magnesium can relax the brain of those with ADHD and it typically helps all of us sleep well.

Exercise Options

  1. Orange Theory is designed to help you maximize your cardiovascular exercise, shed pounds and attain fitness goals. It is like having a personal trainer but being in a group environment. It is a franchised business model.
  2. Les Mills classes are also designed with various individuals in mind. They range from the kickboxer to the dancer, to the weightlifter, to the aerobics-lovers. These classes can be found at many gyms around the world. They are an Australian-based company.
  3. Beachbody is one of the largest fitness companies based out of California. They have many fitness programs to choose from such as P90X, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Plyo, and many others. These programs take you through various fitness exercises. Some inform you about food portion sizes and healthy eating based on your individualized weight, height, and age. You get DVDs for at-home workouts plus some programs offer you food guides, cookbooks, and portion-control containers. They also have accountability coaches with motivational meetings to attend online.
  4. Real Appeal is a program that informs you about food portion sizes, healthy eating based on your personal facts and figures, plus they give you a bunch of free stuff. You get home-based workouts in the form of DVDs or online access. They send you a full package including scales (food and weight), a portion plate, blender, cookbooks, stainless steel water bottle, and measurement tape. They also have accountability coaches with weekly meetings to attend online.
  5. 9Round is a boxing program that gives you quick, 30-minute workouts but with a whole ‘lotta punch. It can tire you out quickly and burn off calories at the same time.
  6. Personal Trainers-You can find these at local gyms but are not that cheap. They can run you anywhere from $25- $120 per hour or more. They are stationed at local gyms and are typically independent contracts or self-employed. Rates may vary. Knowledge and credentialing may vary also.

Books for You and Your ADHD

If you are struggling with adult ADD/ADHD think about some ways to take advantage of well-known authors including Judith Kolberg, Carole Jacobs, and Nadeau to name a few. Sometimes reading or audiobooks coupled with self-reflection and time-management can make you catapult towards long-lasting changes.

  1. ADD Friendly Ways to Manage Your Life by Judith Kolberg
  2. The Everything Health Guide to Adult ADD/ADHD by Carole Jacobs
  3. The ADHD Guide to Career Success: Harness your Strengths, Manage your Challenges by Nadeau, Kathleen G.

Additional Resources:

If you think your counselor is not helping you and the resources above are not what you need, you might want to consider hiring a specialized ADHD coach. Here is a list of coaches you can find by your area: https://www.adhdcoaches.org/find-a-coach/

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